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Oil painting with some acrylic additions, the first one created in a workshop located in a historic palazzo at the famous Piazza Pitti in Florence. Painted under the light of this beautiful city and influenced by some of the  Renaissance most admired masterpieces located in Palazzo Pitti and the Uffizi Gallery nearby. Dreamy side of this painting, inspired by surrounding colours of blue, cobalt and golden, caused enormous interest in Rome and Palermo, where it was exhibited most frequent.

Was exhibited in:

- Palazzo Chancellaria in Vatican at the Contemporary Art in Vatican in 2015 exhibition.

- famous Sala di Bramante in Rome

- Teatro dei Dioscuri Al Quirynale in Rome.

- Art Biennale in Rome.

- Carusell du Louvre in Paris.

- Art Fair in Oxford.

- Biennale of Modern Art in Barcelona.

It contributed to The prize Mercurio d'Oro.
Can be also found  in a luxurious art catalog SEGNALATI presented in Edinburgh.


  • Size of the painting 70 x 60 cm. (W x H)

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