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SNOB DOG '2013

The second of three important paintings, created in the magical studio in San Gimignano, Tuscany. The medieval town known as the prototype of Manhattan in New York.
Oil painting - which will always be a tribute to Artist's beloved dog named "Mała".

The painting was a remarkable success.
It first appeared at the Art Fair in Rotterdam in 2014 and from that moment it was known almost to the entire world.
It was exhibited in Louvre in Paris - three times, Tokyo, Barcelona and Oxford.
At The Royal Opera Academy in LondonArt Fair in Miami, Art Fair in Amsterdam and shown in the Edinburgh's Dundas Gallery.

It contributed largely to several titles and awards:

- Artist of the Year 2015 awarded in Cannes.
- Artist of the Year 2016 awarded in Rome.
- win The Academy Award in 2015 awarded the Art in Monaco.
Art Critics Award in 2015 awarded in Palermo
- Roma Imperiale International Prize in 2015.

SNOB DOG '2013


    Size of the  painting 70 x 60 cm. (W x H)

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